How To Keep Snow Out Of A Furnace Vent

Winter might bring more than cold and windy temperatures here in Chicago, IL. Snow entering the furnace vent could be potentially hazardous for homeowners. One hazard you could experience is the buildup of carbon monoxide that could form when furnace vents become blocked. Keep reading to find out how to prevent snow from entering your furnace vent.

Clearing the Snow

A furnace vent is meant to expel harmful gases created through combustion when the furnace is operating. Your furnace vent may be located near ground level. When snow falls, it could pile up to reach and block your vent. To prevent snow from blocking your furnace vent, you should clear the snow away with a shovel.

Clearance Levels on Vents

Layers of snow covering a furnace vent prevents the exhaust from escaping properly. If snow piles up two feet on the ground, a vent located 18-inches from the ground won’t have enough clearance. Therefore, you must consider how to fix the problem. Is it possible to relocate the vent higher? If so, more clearance could fix the problem.

Installing an A-Frame Structure

Installing a frame above the vent might provide a barrier to keep snow from blocking the vent. An “A-frame” setup could provide a roof-like small structure that prevents snow from entering the vent. Adding an A-frame structure could be a solution that doesn’t come with enormous costs.

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Check the Vents

An A-frame might only do so much to prevent snow from blocking vents. Another issue that could contribute to blocked vents is ice forming. Therefore, as a homeowner, you should consider checking the furnace vent often and remove any snow or ice buildup as soon as possible.

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