Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell?

If you’ve noticed a foul odor coming from your Humboldt Park, IL, home’s air conditioner or in the vents of your house when your air conditioner cycles, you may feel alarmed. While odors from air conditioners aren’t normal, they’re pretty common. Read on to learn about three reasons why your AC unit smells bad and what you can do to solve this problem.

1. Clogged Condensate Drain

The condensate drain allows water that’s condensed out of your home’s air to drain out of the air conditioner and into your house’s wastewater system. The warm, dark, and wet environment of the condensate pipe make it a haven for bacteria and mold. When bacteria and mold metabolize nutrients, they release gases as byproducts. You might be smelling odors from bacteria or mold-breaking down organic material. An air conditioner tune-up and sanitization of the condensate line should get rid of the odor.

2. Buildup on Coil or Filter

Dust buildup on the evaporator coil or air filter may cause your AC unit to create a smoky or musty smell. If it’s the first cooling cycle of the summer season, you may also smell a burning scent for a few minutes. This is the old dust. Be sure to clean or replace the HVAC filter once each month to avoid these odors. An air conditioning maintenance visit keeps the evaporator coil free of any dust buildup.

3. Debris in Ducts

Debris in the air ducts may cause a foul odor during each cooling cycle. You can remove and clean the vent covers and openings. However, debris in the depths of the ducts may not be visible. Regular air filter changes and occasional duct cleaning should get rid of this odor.

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