How To Care For Your Lawn Around an Outdoor AC Unit (Simple Hacks)

Your air conditioner works non-stop to keep your home comfortable, but the outdoor portion of your system can be an eyesore. Fortunately, getting creative with your landscaping near the unit can go a long way in improving the overall look and feel of your yard. There are right and wrong ways to go about landscaping to hide your outdoor AC unit without compromising its longevity and performance. Follow these tips to care for the lawn around your outside air conditioning system.

Maintain 2 to 3 Feet of Space

Adding greenery and plants to your lawn can help your space look more attractive. When planting trees, shrubs, and other plants around your AC unit, make sure that you keep at least 2 to 3 feet of space around the perimeter. Otherwise, you could obstruct airflow, which could lead to the need for more repairs, less energy efficiency, and a shorter overall lifespan.

Clean Your Unit After Mowing or Weed-Eating

Mowing and weed-eating could produce lawn debris that might influence the performance of your AC unit. Wet grass that makes its way into the condenser could allow mold to grow over time, which could expose you and your family to potential health issues. Periodically clean your outside air conditioning unit, especially after you’ve just performed yard work.

To clean your system, first shut the power off at the outside switch or inside the main electrical panel. After removing the grille, use a vacuum cleaner brush attachment or soft-bristled brush to get rid of any grass clippings on the coils. Then, clean the condenser housing located on the top of the unit with a garden hose.

Keep Your Lawn Trimmed and Manicured

Your outdoor AC unit requires proper air circulation to function at its prime. In the spring and summer, make sure that you keep the brush from growing too close to your unit and that you mow all grass around it frequently. In the fall, clear away twigs, leaves, or other yard debris that could collect around the unit.

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